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Journey Through Ellis Island - MoMA PS1 Special Projects (Winter 1986)

Three bodies of work from Eleni Mylonas' photographic archive, Ellis Island, NY Graffiti/Street Art and Portraits of Artists & Personalities, are part of the MoMA Archives.

Digital archive of Greek artists, works, exhibitions and press

Selections from the archive: Eleni Mylonas "On the Development of Her Work," recorded on January 22, 2002.

Aired on 01/01/2022 Artists' Profile Series Program Director Katerina Zacharopoulou Enhanced with visual media and English subtitles. Montage by Georgia Lale.

2017 Artists' Profile Series Program Director Katerina Zacharopoulou with English Subtitles

"Eleni Mylonas is a nomadic soul and a free spirit who has travelled the world extensively throughout her career. Inspired by her natural curiosity to explore places and situations, Mylonas created a wide-ranging oeuvre that she expresses in various media such as photography, sculpture, painting, video or performance.

In her newest video work Eleni Mylonas reflects on an event she encountered when going on an August afternoon to the sea shore for a swim. She noticed how apocalyptical the sea looked on that day. As far as the eye could sea, the whole surface of the water was black, covered in a thick layer of burned wood shards.

Mylonas photographed and video recorded the sight and went on to collect burned material including sacks of black pulp, pine cones, sticks among others for her installation. Back in the studio, she designed a mandala from her found objects. A symbol to the losses suffered through wild fires. Events that tragically continue to accumulate as climate change progresses. Mylonas work eventually gets finished when in a recorded performance she destroys her mandala. Eleni Mylona's work is a powerful commentary on our fragility and impermanence."

2020 “We’re All Gonna Go (Greeks on Sadness, Happiness, and Liberation)”. A performance collaboration with Tomashi Jackson at MoMUS/Museum Alex Mylona.

2020 Eleni Mylonas: “Alternative Self-Portraits” Photography Portfolio published by Ann Landi.

2021 "Eleni Mylona's trip to Afghanistan in 1971 in a Volkswagen" Interview by Argyro Bozoni.

2016 Mylonas Interview ( Part 2 ).

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