"The urge to discover drives the nomadic existence of Eleni Mylonas. Her journalistic background reverberates throughout her artistic practice, in which seemingly disparate elements merge into a single overarching story. Press photographs of demonstrators on Tahrir Square, who, despite the appalling conditions, were humorous and inventive enough to craft a head covering like Don Quixote's, inspired Mylonas to fashion headgear from rubbish. Each piece reflects a different persona, with the artist herself as a contemporary Everyman, based on the hero Karagiozis, a Greco-Turkish version of David and Goliath. Against a background of family and history, Mylonas weaves the various elements together in her video performance The Town Crier, a song that expresses universal solidarity and calls for the defense of basic human rights against terror and abuse." 

Excerpt of Theophilos Tramboulis' essay for the HANDMADE exhibition catalogue.