de Vos, Joanna. Catalogue Essay form "ARTIST/KNIGHT" group exhibition at Gaasbeek Castle, Belgium, 2017

The urge to discover drives the nomadic existence of Eleni Mylonas. Her journalistic background reverberates throughout her artistic practice, in which seemingly disparate elements merge into a single overarching story. Press photographs of demonstrators on Tahrir Square, who, despite the appalling conditions, were humorous and inventive enough to craft a head covering like Don Quixote's,  inspired Mylonas to fashion headgear from rubbish. Each piece reflects a based different persona, with the artist herself as a contemporary Everyman, based on the hero Karagiozis, a Greco-Turkish version of David and Goliath. Against a backdrop of family and art history, Mylonas weaves the various elements together in her video performance The Town Crier, a song that expresses universal solidarity and calls for the defence of basic human rights against terror and abuse. 

Joanna de Vos, 2017

"The Artist / Knight" Gaasbeek Castle Belgium
video installation
09:17 minutes